Corduroy (TV series) Episode 3-4- Good Night Corduroy/Soap Flakes


Watch full Corduroy (TV series) Episode 2 online full HD online. Cartoon video Corduroy (TV series) Episode 2 online for free in HD. Corduroy just can't-or won't-get to sleep. He's thirsty, his pillow needs fluffing, he's cold, now he's hot. But what Corduroy won't admit is he's afraid of the dark. Lisa helps Corduroy overcome his fear by sharing her own past nighttime worries, and how she resolved them.Lisa's missing scissors and a messy linen closet (caused by Corduroy and Buckaroo when they are caught by Lisa playing in it) in separate incidents, Moppy and Corduroy learn that telling lies can usually bring a whole new mess of problems.

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