Corduroy (TV series) Episode 7-8-Clean Up/Music Lesson


Watch full Corduroy (TV series) Episode 4 online full HD online. Cartoon video Corduroy (TV series) Episode 4 online for free in HD. The local park is so full of trash and discarded pop cans that even the poor ducks can't swim around in their pond. Lisa and Corduroy, along with their friends and neighbors, pitch in to help tidy up the park. But, as Lisa discovers, organization is the key to a successful clean up.Lisa thinks there's only one kind of music worth listening to, hip-hop. But how can Lisa be so sure when she's never really given other styles of music a chance? By pointing out all the music heard on their very own neighborhood block-Indian, waltz, even men playing silver spoons - Corduroy and Rosetta soon have Lisa dancing to the different rhythms of the street.

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