D.Gray-man Episode 70 English Dubbed


Watch full D.Gray-man Season 2 Episode 19 English Dubbed full HD online. D.Gray-man Episode 70 English Dubbed online for free in HD. God's Clown Allen engages the Level 3 Akuma in battle. He speaks to the soul trapped within the Akuma which had previously been calling out to him and it asks Allen to save him. However, because his body's composition is unstable, Allen literally begins to fade during the fight. When Allen is almost atomized, the Akuma turns on Bak and Fo piercing them with beams of anti-matter. Enraged, Allen finally decides that he will save humans with his right hand and Akuma with his left hand. The true form of his Innocence is revealed and he easily destroys the Level 3 Akuma and liberates its soul. Before the Akuma dies, it tells Allen of the gathering of the Earl and the Noah in Edo. He also tells Allen the location of Noah's Ark that can take him directly to Edo. It's revealed that the true from Allen's Innocence is called God's Clown, also known as the Crowned Clown. Allen now has a gloved white right hand, a long black left arm with razor sharp talons for fingers, a white cowl that shoots web-like projectiles and is fitted with a mask.

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