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Mina must undergo an unpleasant purity inquiry, one that tests to see if she can produce an heir to the throne or not. Meanwhile, Alphonse takes Akira away from the assassins and clarifies the situation Mina is dealing with. Alphonse says that Lucretia died in the hands of the Three Clans, and that Mina is now used as a vessel of the Three Clans. Akira sees Alphonse off as he prepares to battle for his life. Alphonse goes to Mina to tell her that Akira is determine to defeat all the assassins and that he wants her to stay strong for him. From this, Mina raises the stakes of her wager with the leaders of the Three Clans, offering her life as collateral. If none of the assassins can kill Akira, then Mina is freed from their bet. Akira is up against an assassin with tentacled arms, who queries if he had seen the legacy of the true blood lineage. The werewolf puts his life in jeopardy, much to his inability to transform at this time. Mei Ren luckily arrives and rescues him, revealing her true form in the process. After giving him a sedative via mouth-to-mouth, Mei Ren confesses her love for Akira, saying that they belong together. The same assassin reappears and casts Akira, along with herself, into a deep pit. Changing into Yuki's appearance, the assassin asks him about the true blood legacy again, cutting through his chest with her arm, rendering him momentarily unconscious. When he wakes up, he sees Mina's appearance, asking him a third time about the true blood legacy. An enraged Akira transforms into a werewolf and murders the assassin in anguish.

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