Danchigai Episode 10 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Building Ten: Mutsuki's Request.
Episode Description:
Haruki wakes up in the middle of the night to find Mutsuki leaning over him. After he calms down, Mutsuki reveals she has a favor to ask of him: she wants him to kiss her. Despite initial misunderstandings, Mutsuki reveals she has to kiss someone at school as part of a play for the school festival and wants to practice with Haruki beforehand. Haruki desperately tries to get out of his situation. However, Mutsuki remains adamant in her decision to practice with him. Moments before they are about to kiss, Haruki pushes her away, exclaiming that they shouldn't (all the while questioning whether she has incestuous love for him), which causes Mutsuki to run out of the room. Haruki runs after her to apologize, only to find her realizing that she had mixed up the scripts for Snow White and Cinderella (her sudden realization being the cause for her storming out of his room), and that the play she was supposed to be performing didn't have a kiss scene at all.

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