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Episode Title:
Building Twelve: The Bond Between Haruki and His Sisters.
Episode Description:
Yayoi barges into Haruki's room requesting to play a game with him, something which initially makes Haruki nervous as she is not normally this gentle. However, as he goes to choose a game for them to play, he finds that she has fallen asleep on his bed. Yayoi remarks how she wants to sleep in his room, to which a panicked Haruki drags her back to her own bed, assuming she has some kind of fever. As he leaves, the twins drag him to the bathroom demanding that he watch them use the toilet, later calling it a prank. After some waterworks, Haruki finally returns to his room only to find Mutsuki sleeping in his bed. The others soon follow, claiming that they all want to sleep in his room for the night. As Haruki reflects on each member of his family and the good times he's had with them, he realizes that with his room packed and that he has nowhere to sleep. The next day, it is revealed that the reason they all slept in his room was due to watching a scary movie the night before.

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