Death Billiards Episode 12 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Suicide Tour.
Episode Description:
Oculus confronts Nona's methods as she wants to prove that arbiters are more than dummies. Decim shows Chiyuki her old house where she sees that her mother still cares for her, causing her to regret taking her own life. Decim offers Chiyuki a chance to return home in exchange for another's life and she comes close to taking up the offer. However, upon remembering how everyone she met in the Quindecim had people who cherished them, she ultimately decides against it. This causes powerful and painful emotions to swell up in Decim, who reveals to Chiyuki that this was part of her judgement. Nona observes the outcome with Oculus, demonstrating that an important part of being able to judge humans is to understand their suffering. Decim sees Chiyuki off to be reincarnated, vainly attempting to smile. Nona and the others arbiters ponder the implications to their system if arbiters begin understanding human behaviour. Later, Decim welcomes new guests to the Quindecim with a barely perceptible smile, while the bar now contains a mannequin made up to look like Chiyuki.

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