Dexter's Laboratory: Ego Trip


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Episode Title:
Dexter's Laboratory: Ego Trip.
Episode Description:
After chasing his rival Mandark out of his lab when he tries to steal his latest invention, the Neurotomic Protocore, Dexter asks his sister Dee Dee to leave the lab, where she unintentionally enters a time machine stored near the entrance. Suddenly, Dexter is confronted with a group of red robots that have appeared from this time machine. They declare that they are here to "destroy the one who saved the future" and appear to make ready to attack Dexter. Dexter easily destroys them with the use of various tools and gadgets from his lab, as the robots mysteriously don't attack at all. Believing that he is "The One Who Saved the Future" that the robots spoke of, Dexter decides to travel through time to discover how "cool" he becomes.

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