Di-Gata Defenders Season 1 Episode 10 The Town that Time Forgot


You will Watch Di-Gata Defenders Season 1 Episode 10 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Di-Gata Defenders Episode 10 The Town that Time Forgot. The Defenders try to find a place to rest for a while, but everyone they encounter slams their doors in their faces. Tired from their trip, the Defenders rest at an oasis, where they spot a supply convoy in need of an escort just ahead. Seth refuses to help, however, as he is sure they will be turned away again. Meanwhile, a group of bandits plots to attack the same convoy and blame it on the Defenders, again. One of them, however, is a little hesitant and looks and sounds oddly familiar. The next morning the Defenders find the convoy demolished and follow the tracks to a nearby village, where the citizens insist that they were to blame for the recent rash of robberies. A young Stone-caster named Kid Cole and his gang, actually the real culprits, arrive and chase them out, capturing Mel in the process, and tie her up in the streets. While the other Defenders try to figure out how to rescue her, one bandit approaches Mel, and pulls off his mask. The bandit is Adam, who explains to Mel what is really going on while he unties her and gives her back her stones. The other bandits confront the pair, but they are rescued when the other Defenders use Robutus to drill a hole underneath them. They run through the streets, and Mel leads them to a dead end, but discovers a hidden dojo. They all hide inside (Even Adam, which is odd because one must be entered into the security system to get in) and Kid Cole shouts at them, challenging Seth to a one-on-one duel and threatening to burn the entire town if he doesn't come alone. Adam questions Mel about how she was able to find the dojo, and asks if she is a Wizard, which she denies. Seth agrees to Kid Cole's challenge the next morning, but finds himself outnumbered six-to-one. The others are locked in the dojo, and cannot get out until Adam shows them his Henge Stone: the Phase Stone, allowing them to walk right through the walls. Mel uses her Wizard powers to stop Kid Cole's guardian form killing Seth, but only Adam sees her, while everyone else watches Seth and Kid Cole. The other bandits trap Adam, Mel, Kara, and Erik, and Kid Cole manages to trap Seth, who asks him why he was framing them. Kid Cole privately confesses, unaware that Seth is wearing an audio recording stone around his neck. Erik uses his gauntlet to broadcast the confession loud and clear throughout the entire village. The villagers then turn on Kid Cole and his men, and proclaim the Defenders as their heroes. Kid Cole and his men are sent to Gatashun prison, escorted by Adam, who gives Mel his Phase Stone, promising that their paths would soon cross again.

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