Dororo to Hyakkimaru Episode 1 English Subbed


Watch full Dororo to Hyakkimaru Episode 1 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Dororo to Hyakkimaru Episode 1 English sub streaming online. The Tale of Hyakkimaru Part 1. At the Cloud Dragon Temple , Daigo Kagemitsu, a warrior in the Age of Civil Wars offers his soon-to-be-born baby’s body to the 48 demons as a sacrifice to fulfil his ambitions and rule the land. When the baby is born with 48 parts of his body missing, he forces his wife to put it in a basket and send it downriver because of its horrifying ugliness. Years later, in the aftermath of a battle, a ‘’rōnin’’ named Hyakkimaru (百鬼丸) comes across a group of enemy soldiers. When they attack him, his arms become swords and he kills them all. Meanwhile, in a nearby village a young thief named Dororo, tries to steal a sword from a weapons dealer. Dororo is chased and encounters a starving monk who calls for help. Dororo gets some food, but by the time Dororo returns, the monk has died. Later Dororo eats the food of a band of thieves, but is caught, beaten up and then thrown in the river. Hyakkimaru intervenes but a spirit appears from the water and consumes the leader. Hyakkimaru kills the spirit and Dororo decides to follow him, but not wanting company, Hyakkimaru reveals his fake eyeballs to scare Dororo.

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