Dororo to Hyakkimaru Episode 9 English Subbed


Watch full Dororo to Hyakkimaru Episode 9 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Dororo to Hyakkimaru Episode 9 English sub streaming online. The Tale of Banmon Part 1. During their travels, Hyakkimaru and Dororo encounter a high wooden wall banmon, marked by many arrowheads. During they are attacked by a nine-tailed fox, but Hyakkimaru drives it off. In the morning soldiers approach with three captives to be executed as Asakura spies: an ashigaru and two peasants who unknowingly helped him. They are tied to the banmon and executed by a volley of arrows. Angered at the cruel waste of life Dororo attacks them bare-handed, but is thrown to the ground. Hyakkimaru intervenes, and kills one of the samurai with the sword in his arm to everyone's surprise. The lord is revealed as Daigo Kagemitsu , and when Dororo tells how Hyakkimaru's body parts were taken by demons Kagemitsu realises that Hyakkimaru may be his own son and withdraws, ignoring Dororo's insults. Later Hyakkimaru and Dororo arrive at a town. The hungry Dororo rushes in and is surrounded by wary townspeople who catch and throw Dororo into the river. They mistrust anyone crossing the border marked by the banmon, not wanting to be caught between the warring lords. Hyakkimaru arrives in the town ruled by Kagemitsu but is accused of being an Asakura spy. He meets Tahomaru who invites him to the house of his father Daigo Kagemitsu. While waiting there he again sees the nine-tailed fox outside the window.

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