Dragon Ball Z movie 2: The World’s Strongest English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
The World’s Strongest.
Episode Description:
The movie begins when Gohan and Oolong search for the Dragon Balls that have all been gathered in the frozen Tsumisumbri Mountains, but before they reach them, Shenron is summoned by Dr. Kochin who wishes that his mentor, Dr. Wheelo, to be released from his icy prison. Gohan and Oolong are then attacked by Kochin's Biomen, but are saved by Piccolo, who easily defeats all of them. As Gohan and Oolong escape however, Piccolo is captured by Dr. Kochin's three Bio-Warriors. Later, Master Roshi is faced by Dr. Kochin's Biomen and defeats them all in battle, but the Biomen kidnap Master Roshi and Bulma, thinking that Roshi is the world's strongest and a suitable body for Dr. Wheelo, whose own body was destroyed, leaving him only as a brain...

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