Dragon Ball Z Movie 4: Lord Slug English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Lord Slug.
Episode Description:
Piccolo and Gohan arrive and square off against Slug's goon squad, only to be defeated. All hope seems lost, until Goku and Krillin show up, and they easily defeat Slug's men. With all his men defeated, Lord Slug emerges and Krillin challenges him, only to lose in one punch. Goku battles Lord Slug, but quickly loses the advantage, being no match for Slug's power. When Lord Slug finally decides to finish Goku with the final punch, Goku retaliates by catching it and his anger explodes, causing him to turn into a Giji Super Saiyan (which is misinterpreted as an actual Super Saiyan in the movie, causing it get its name Giji Super Saiyan, meaning False Super Saiyan). In a flash of powerful blows, Goku completely crushes Lord Slug's arm and when it seems Goku is about is about to win, Slug reveals his Namekian hertiage, ripping off his broken arm and regenerating a new one...

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