DRAMAtical Murder Episode 4 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch DRAMAtical Murder Episode 4 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime DRAMAtical Murder Episode 4 Online English dub Data_04_Disappearance. Tae denies having any connections to Aoba and asks what Takahashi want from her. Inside, Aoba watches a live interview of the owner of the pleasure area Platinum Jail, Toue, and ridicules the man's speech of "perfect happiness". Once Tae enters the house, she lies to Aoba before both of them return to their bedroom. As Aoba muses over his contentment for his current life, he hears singing outside his window and finds Clear on his rooftop. Clear explains the song he was singing is called the "Jellyfish Song" he made up himself and used to sing to his grandfather, who has died. When Clear questions Aoba about why humans live the way they do when they are bound to die, Aoba says that humans want to live their lives happily and leave proof of their existence before they do. Pleased that Aoba taught him something and likes his voice, Clear sings to him as he goes to sleep. In Platinum Jail, Takahashi informs Toue that Tae refused to help him once again...

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