Dreamland (Doctor Who) Episode 2 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Episode 2.
Episode Description:
The Doctor, Cassie and Jimmy find themselves in a hangar which contains a spaceship similar to the one that crashed in 1947. The Doctor escapes by piloting the ship. They are pursued by two fighter jets and crash near an abandoned mining town called Solitude. Exploring an abandoned building, Jimmy is pulled into a hole in the floor by a Viperox. The Doctor and Cassie follow and find Jimmy being questioned by Lord Azlok about the Doctor. The Doctor emerges from hiding and confronts Lord Azlok. Lord Azlok reveals that he is only seeking "an enemy of our kind". Before the Doctor can find out the identity of their target, Cassie, who has freed Jimmy, effects an escape by starting a fire with an oil lamp. The group then stumble across a large number of Viperox eggs and are confronted by the huge Viperox Queen, which is laying the eggs. Behind them, their Viperox pursuers are bearing down.

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