Durarara!! Episode 24 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Selfless Devotion.
Episode Description:
Members of the Yellow Scarves start attacking each other; Kyohei comes out of the crowd and reveals that he and his friends infiltrated the group. Masaomi is then taken to the hospital by Mikado and Anri, while Celty chases Hōrada, who managed to escape the warehouse. Hōrada drives away with his group onto the freeway. However, he encouters Shizuo, who uses a large traffic signpost to destroy the roof of his car. Kuzuhara shows up and arrests Hōrada. Afterwards, Higa, a member of the Yellow Scarves and Izaya's mole, brings the handgun that Hōrada carried to Izaya, who reveals that it belongs to the Awakusu group. However, it is revealed that Higa is one of Saika's children, and he tells Anri of Izaya's involvement in the recent conflicts. Anri then shows up and attacks Izaya, hoping to cut him. Izaya manages to escape, however. While Izaya walks home, he encounters Simon, who immediately punches him in the eye, sending him flying into a sculpture. Simon then explains to Izaya that Saki informed him of Izaya's involvement in the recent conflicts. At the hospital, Masaomi wakes up to Saki standing in his room, and they confess their love to each other. The next day, Masaomi and Saki elope. The Blue Squares are having internal problems, while the Yellow Scarves have calmed down. Mikado reforms the Dollars.

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