Durarara!! Episode 25 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
World at Peace.
Episode Description:
Kasuka hosts a TV show in Ikebukuro, looking for the cutest couple in the district. Shinra tells Celty that Kasuka is Shizuo's younger brother, and that Izaya has two younger twin sisters, Mairu Orihara and Kururi Orihara. Someone issues Kasuka a death threat. When he approaches Kasuka with a knife, Shizuo throws a billboard sign at him, knocking him out. Izaya reveals to Shizuo that the person threatening Kasuka was recently dumped by his girlfriend, a Kasuka fan, and that he convinced himself that Kasuka stole her from him. Izaya also reveals that he leaked Kasuka's schedule to him, and that he warned Shizuo about him; Izaya did all of this to mess with Shizuo. The two start attacking each other, and are caught on camera. Several gang members, who were previously attacked by Shizuo, see Shizuo on TV, and they see this as an opportunity to get revenge. Izaya leads Shizuo onto a street, where Shizuo gets hit by a truck, knocking him out. The gang members gather around him. Shizuo gets up, unharmed, and his and Izaya's continued fight inadvertently gets the gang members to start attacking each other; however, Celty uses her powers to round up the gang members. Kuzuhara and the police show up, prompting Celty to drive away.

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