Eden of the East Episode 5 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Now's Not the Time to be Thinking About That.
Episode Description:
As Akira contemplates the power he has as a Seleção, he is confronted by a stranger who had known him before he had erased his memories. It is implied that the stranger was one of the missing NEETs, since he is angry at Akira for ditching him and his fellows in Dubai. However, he grudgingly thanks him since his experiences there helped him reintegrate into society. Realizing that he had forgotten about Saki, Akira asks Juiz to locate her. As he does this, Seleçãos No. 1 and No. 11 take notice of Akira's activities. Meanwhile, after returning home, Saki prepares for her prospective job interview, but she is rudely turned down. She finds Akira waiting for her outside the building and goes with him, venting about how the adults do not care for the younger generation. Akira then kisses Saki and assures her that he will help her. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Ohsugi, who saw Saki leaving with Akira, goes to a restaurant and drowns his sorrow in alcohol. As the drunken Ohsugi leaves the restaurant, Seleção No. 11 comes across him.

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