Edens Zero Episode 4 English Subbed


Watch full Edens Zero Episode 4 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Edens Zero Episode 4 English sub streaming online. At Weisz's house, the stranger escapes with a briefcase he has stolen from the crime boss Sibir, whose gang the stranger has deserted. Later, Rebecca deduces from a news broadcast of Shooting Starlight's founding that she and her friends have traveled fifty years back in time to the year X442, and that the stranger is a past version of the elderly Weisz. After being confronted by Sibir, who mistakes them for Weisz's allies, Shiki's group hides in a bar to avoid creating a time paradox, but they immediately encounter Weisz again and are forced to explain their circumstances to him. Shiki accidentally opens Weisz's briefcase to discover a small android inside named E.M. Pino, who possesses an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that disables machinery and Ether Gear. Suffering from damaged memory, Pino identifies Sibir as her master and fearfully returns to him; she leaves behind a B-Cube recording of Sibir cruelly mistreating her and erasing her memory of her original master to exploit her EMP for profit. Finding a maintenance log revealing that Pino comes from the present year X492, the group realizes that history has already been changed and agrees to rescue her.

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