Extreme Dinosaurs Episode 29 Shrink Rap


You are going to Watch Extreme Dinosaurs Episode 29 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Extreme Dinosaurs Episode 29 Online Shrink Rap. Dr. Scarwell is back with a weapon that shrinks and "digitizes" objects. She tricks both teams to her base so that she can turn the dinosaurs and raptors into digital entities that could be uploaded and studied on a computer. The Extreme Dinosaurs escape her plans unharmed, while the Raptors are shrunk and transformed into "pure information". Realizing that they could use the Internet to travel to any place and do anything, the Raptors attack power stations along the western seaboard of the US to stop air-conditioning and ruin other electricity-based services. The Extreme Dinosaurs are up to the rescue, but not before doing some shrinking of their own.

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