Fairy Tail Episode 228 English Subbed


You are going to Watch Fairy Tail 2014 Episode 53 English subbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Fairy Tail Episode 228 Online English sub Wizards vs. Hunters.Natsu's team arrive at the frozen Sun Village, discovering it to be the home of giants. While investigating the magic ice freezing the town, the wizards encounter a trio of treasure hunters from the Sylph Labyrinth guild, who plan to steal the Eternal Flame for themselves and warn Fairy Tail against interfering with them. The wizards chase after the treasure hunters for their vial of liquified Moon Drip, believing the liquid can help save the village, but are shocked when the treasure hunters prove to be capable fighters. Meanwhile, Erza explores the village on her own in search of the Eternal Flame, and later finds herself mysteriously transformed into a child.

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