Fairy Tail Episode 170 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Small Fists.
Episode Description:
With Cheria being fully healed and Wendy being almost depleted of magic power, their battle continues, with the former casting a high-level spell towards the latter. However, it seems that Wendy enhances Cheria's physical strength, causing the attack to gain much force and thus missing Wendy. The two competitors then engage in a hand-to-hand combat, but due to the time limit and neither side is giving up, their battle resulted in a draw, giving both teams 5 points. Meanwhile, Jellal manages to track the sinister aura among the crowd in the form of a hooded stranger. Jellal is about to confront the aura source, but he is abruptly cornered by Doranbolt, Lahar, and other Rune Knights. Doranbalt then interrogates Jellal, and as his cover was blown, the Rune Knights, as well as Kagura and Milliana glancing nearby, are startled to see the true identity of Mystogan. Yajima convinces the Rune Knights that Mystogan is Jellal’s Edolas counterpart, prompting Lahar to release the fugitive. Meanwhile, Laxus and Makarov have a small conversation regarding Lumen Histoire when Mavis appears and explains that Lumen Histoire is the ‘light’ of Fairy Tail.

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