Fairy Tail Episode 90 English Subbed


You Watch Fairy Tail Episode 90 online English sub free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Fairy Tail Episode 90 English Subbed The Boy from That Time. Meanwhile the group is heading to the Lacrima, It is revealed to the Exceeds that the Queen is merely no Queen; she is a ordinary Exceed like the rest of them but since her power is weak, she only has one wing. After a couple of words from Carla, she sets off flying towards the Lacrima, determined to stop and push the Dragon Chain back ans the other Exceeds come to help her as well, including the Queen. She does not have much magic left, and falls down while flying, to be saved by Panther Lily. Then, in the end, they manage to push it off, but it suddenly disappears after a couple of seconds. Then, Mystogan appears and tells them that Magnolia is safe and returned back to the way they are. It is also revealed that Panther Lily had actually saved his life once and is a Prince of Edolas. In the end of the episode, Erza Knightwalker appears again for another fight.

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