Fantasista Doll Episode 4 English Subbed


Watch full Fantasista Doll Episode 4 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Fantasista Doll Episode 4 English sub streaming online. Jimejime Shimeji: Counter-attack by the Pathetic Prince?. Shimeji recognises one of Kira's dolls as Aloe and is reminded of her previous master who eventually abandoned her. As such, Shimeji starts behaving oddly, not wanting to get close to Uzume out of fear of being abandoned. Just then, the gang once more encounter Kira, who is capturing cards for the Mutual Dream Assurance Group in the hopes of retrieving a keepsake from his long lost love. When Aloe, along with Kira's other dolls, realise the folly of Kira's harsh treatment and announce their resignation, Kira plans to take them all out by having Aloe self-destruct. Aloe decides to sacrifice herself to save the others, but thankfully Uzume manages to use a repair card to restore her. Despite everything, Aloe decides to stay by Kira's side as she feels he wouldn't last without her, whilst Shimeji receives a gift from Uzume.

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