Fantasista Doll Episode 5 English Subbed


Watch full Fantasista Doll Episode 5 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Fantasista Doll Episode 5 English sub streaming online. Work Work Working: Katia's Beginning?. Agreeing to join Manai's card club, Uzume discovers the girl that previously attacked her, Kagami Totori, is also a member. Kagami acts coldly towards her, but becomes less so after returning the Kunoichi card she had won earlier. After Uzume decides to ban the dolls from having snacks due to the damage it does on her wallet, the dolls decide to take up part time jobs, with Katia taking up a delivery job. Whilst trying to find her way, Katia meets Uzume's little sister, Miko, who helps show her the way, winding up being interviewed on a TV broadcast. This catches the attention of a boy named Yamada, who attempts to attack Katia with his own dolls, but ends up falling prey to Katia's unconscious luck ability. As Katia and Miko manage to find the recipient of their delivery just in time, Kagami confronts Yamada and beats his dolls, telling the MDAG that she intends to take on Uzume herself. With Katia eventually disappearing due to the time limit on her materialisation, she makes a pinky promise with Miko that they'll meet again.

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