Fantasista Doll Episode 9 English Subbed


Watch full Fantasista Doll Episode 9 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Fantasista Doll Episode 9 English sub streaming online. Kagami Kami Kami? Confusing Feelings. Kagami, who had joined the MDAG for information on the whereabouts on her missing brother, becomes cold towards Uzume again after she refuses to give her her cards. Uzume becomes conflicted over how to make up with Kagami without fighting her or relinquishing her cards. Meanwhile, Kagami, who is given a time limit for completing her requested exchange, also becomes conflicted over whether to betray Uzume or not. Kagami inevitably confronts Uzume in a battle between their dolls. However, Uzume stands firm in her belief that she doesn't want to give up on any of her friends, managing to get through to Kagami's true feelings and ending the battle. Just as Rafflesia offers to help search for Kagami's brother, the MDAG's alleged chairman, Anne, expels Kagami from the group and sends Proto-Zero to attack everyone's dolls. Despite the dolls' best efforts, Madeleine is captured by Anne, who invites Uzume to join the MDAG.

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