Fate/Zero Episode 1 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch Fate/Zero Episode 1 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Fate/Zero Episode 1 Online English dub Summoning Ancient Heroes. Eight years ago in Germany, Kiritsugu Emiya and his wife, Irisviel "Iri" von Einzbern, welcome the birth of their daughter, Ilyasviel. Though Kiritsugu fears he will lead Irisviel to her death in the upcoming Fourth Holy Grail War, she assures him that he is a good man who will fulfill their ideals. Three years ago, the priest Kirei Kotomine learns that he has been chosen as a participant for the Holy Grail War. Kirei's father Risei, the war's moderator on behalf of the Catholic Church, and Tokiomi Tosaka, another participant, arrange for Kirei to become Tokiomi's pupil in magecraft in order to give Tokiomi an advantage and help Kirei get over the death of his wife. One year ago in Fuyuki City, Kariya Matō visits his childhood friend Aoi Tōsaka and her daughters, Rin and Sakura...

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