Final Space Season 3 Episode 1 - ...And Into The Fire


Watch full Final Space Season 3 Episode 1 full HD online. Cartoon video Final Space Episode 24 online for free in HD. Among a pile of dead Gary's floating in Final Space, Gary and Quinn embrace. It's a trap. Before they can properly reconnect, Invictus approaches the pair. The Crimson Light attempts to escape with Quinn and Gary still outside the ship, but it’s too slow. Sheryl wipes another Gary corpse off the ship’s windshield, revealing two massive Titans standing before them, on a direct collision course. They're surrounded. Bolo manages to hold one off. Sheryl attempts a short-burst light fold right through the Titan's skull, with her son still outside the ship. Avocato and Gary can do little to discourage Sheryl’s crazy plan, but against all odds, they manage to kill the Titan. With Invictus still on their tail, Mooncake exits the ship to help but, for the first time, his large green energy blasts prove ineffective against the horned demon. Bolo rushes towards the crimson light and hurls it forward. They’re saved from Invictus, but they're caught in an asteroid field. After a collision, Ava instructs the Team Squad to abandon the ship. As they are escaping, Hue learns that the ship is far too damaged to transfer Ava's into himself. They all brace for impact as they eject from the main ship, crash landing on an unknown planet. On the planet, they evaluate the situation, and Quinn knows the only course of action: Survive.

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