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Episode Title:
Freddy Frogface.
Episode Description:
Victor is a young orphan boy whose parents were killed by bats. His only friends are Jakob, an older brother figure who took Victor in when he stumbled upon him in a gutter, Sausage, Victor's canine ward, and his wits. Victor and Jakob frequently patrol the town, using their many talents and inventions to traverse the wild terrain, solving puzzles and forming bonds. One day, a bully named Freddy comes around. To assert his dominance over Victor, he eats a frog, thus earning him the super villain name, Freddy Frogface. Meanwhile, a circus has arrived in town, and Victor plans on entering himself and Sausage in as a dynamic duo. Jakob's cousin, Clara, comes in to town at the same time, and she becomes an honorary member of Victor's crew. However, Freddy Frogface is still running amok, causing problems for all of the townsfolk, including the mayor of the town and the local blacksmith farmer, who frequently battles the frigging crows that assault his chickens. As Victor trains Sausage to be the best circus dog ever, he notices many things going wrong in town. Freddy Frogface has been causing problems, trying to lure Victor out of hiding so he can once again contest Victor's claim over his home. Yet Victor never gives up, and as the day goes on, his crew tries to forget about Freddy and focus on their circus routine. However, Freddy catches wind of this and hatches a plan to steal Sausage and take Victor's place on the stage. He kidnaps Sausage via steak and a burlap sack and runs off, making sure Victor's crew knows something is wrong...

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