Freezing Vibration Episode 11 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Nova Crash.
Episode Description:
Seeing Scarlett Ohara and an array of Maria Lancelot clones, Amelia was shocked as Ohara justifies the deaths of her comrades Rattle and Gina and now fully transforms into an unknown type of Nova after her emotions lose control. The clones easily assimilate to Amelia's Nova and destroys the laboratory. Meanwhile, Aoi Gengo removes Spencer from commanding duties and orders all Pandoras and Limiters to mobilize against Amelia's Nova form which is heading to a photon generator. The Pandoras lose their morale as the Stigmata synchronization emits mental disruption, to which Satellizer recalls her saddest memories such as the death of her mother to which she intends to give in to the power of Amelia's Nova. With the help of Kazuya and Rana, Satellizer's mind become stable. As Amelia's Nova gets closer to the generator, Chiffon unleashes her Anti-Nova drive and finally opens her eyes.

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