Frosty Returns


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Episode Title:
Frosty Returns.
Episode Description:
The special begins with a musical number showing that Beansboro Elementary School is canceled for the day due to a seven-inch snowfall. While the adults incessantly complain about the problems snow and ice cause, the children enjoy the opportunity to play outside. The scene then shifts to Holly DeCarlo, a lonely young girl and aspiring magician with only one friend, a tone-deaf, somewhat geeky character named Charles who has a knack for climatology. While practicing a magic act with Charles, the wind blows Holly's hat off her head, out the window, and onto a snowman who comes to life as Frosty, thus revealing that Holly's hat was "that old silk hat" featured in the original song and previous adaptations. Meanwhile, a new product appears in Beansboro that successfully causes snow to instantly disappear (and Frosty to scream in agonizing pain), an aerosol spray called "Summer Wheeze."[2] Summer Wheeze's inventor, Mr. Twitchell, hopes to use the product to win over the people of Beansboro so that he will be crowned King of the Beansboro Winter Carnival, apparently believing that the title will give him actual dominion over the townspeople (at least once, Twitchell also indicates he is waging war against Mother Nature, implying he is actually seeking world domination and that Beansboro is simply his first step). At a presentation before the town council, one of the trustees voices concern about the environmental impact of the untested product, to which Mr. Twitchell responds by opening a trapdoor beneath her seat...

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