Fruits Basket Episode 19 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
The Source of Cheer Can Be Affected By Colds Too.
Episode Description:
Due to depression and stress because of failing one test on the midterm exams, Tohru comes down with a fever and is bedridden. Even though Tohru is worried about making dinner or going to work, Kyo and Shigure tell her to get some rest until the fever lets up. Shigure calls Momiji to tell him Tohru won't be going to work today because of illness, but Momiji decides to cover her shift himself. Kyo decides to make leek soup to care for her. Shigure ridicules Kyo after he notices Kyo wearing a gas mask and goggles while cooking the leek soup. When Kyo gives the leek soup to Tohru, she later starts to cry, explaining to him that the failed test and the fever were the sources of her depression and stress. After Tohru goes to sleep, Yuki arrives, only to find out that Kyo used the leeks in Yuki's garden to make the leek soup. Momiji, Hatori, and Kisa visit the household residence to check up on Tohru. Yuki comes by to give her a study guide he constructed for her in preparation for the retest of the midterm exam, which she later takes and passes.

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