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While interrogating a henchman, Worick learns that Uranos Corsica doesn't want to kill Monroe; he only wants access to the Celebrer-supplying Cristiano Family that he protects. Monroe holds a funeral for the men killed by Doug. Meanwhile, Nina and Worick discuss Nic's injuries as he lies unconscious at the clinic. When Nic awakens, Worick tells him that the body dump discovered in episode four were all Twilights; one of them was the Tag that Nic had fought in episode two. When Worick returns to the office, he finds Dr. Theo there; Theo tells him that Alex is likely suffering from withdrawal from drugs given to her by Barry, which have caused her hallucinations. Searching for Alex, Worick finds her in the alley, where she fails to recognize him and mistakes him for a customer. When she continues to hallucinate Barry, Worick head-butts her to bring her to her senses. In a flashback to their childhood, Worick begins to teach Nic to write. When he asks how Nic got a bruise on his arm, Nic replies that he fell down. Later, Nic and the other mercenaries are dispensed to put down anti-Twilight riots outside Ergastulum. While retrieving the sign language book that Worick gave him, Nic is almost hit by a hand grenade. He returns the damaged book to Worick. Noticing an injury that Worick's father gave him, Nic asks what happened, and Worick says that he fell down.

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