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Episode Title:
Evening Dress.
Episode Description:
The episode begins with the handymen performing repairs on Constance Raveau's shop after a shoot-out, and Worick invites Alex to a soiree hosted by the Cristianos. While talking with Constance, Alex suddenly remembers that she has a younger brother who she had forgotten, and wonders how that could be. She then begins to hallucinate Barry, before being calmed by Nic. Meanwhile, an unknown man arrives at the East Gate of Ergastulum. The Handymen arrive at the Cristiano nightclub, where they are greeted by Loretta and her two bodyguards, Marco Adriano and Galahad Woeher. As the party gets under way, Nic and Worick leave to help Twilights who are being chased by anti-Twilight rioters. The party is revealed to be an attempt to gather the Twilights together in order to protect them. Meanwhile, Galahad and Loretta coerce Alex into singing for the gathered Twilights. The mysterious man hears her singing, but is turned away at the door. As the song ends, Nic and Worick successfully escort the last of the Twilights to safety. Meanwhile, the two Twilight killers from the previous episode prepare to take action.

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