Garfield Gets Real


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Episode Title:
Garfield Gets Real.
Episode Description:
Garfield (Frank Welker) lives with canine Odie (Gregg Berger) and Jon (Wally Wingert) in a what appears to be a suburban town inhabited by cartoon characters (known as Comic Strip World). Garfield and the gang work at Comic studios with other comic characters. The comic strip is made in Comic Strip world, and sent to "The Real World" where it is made in the newspaper. Garfield is tired of the same old jokes his friends crack and is bored with life in Comic Strip World and longs to go to The Real World. The Comic Strip requires a bone for Odie, but Odie does not want to give back the bone, and looks for a place to hide it. But he accidentally makes the bone go through the screen in the studio and it is sucked into the Real World. Eli explains to the comic characters that the screen separates Comic Strip World and The Real World, with no way back. Garfield sees his chance and goes through the screen without anyone noticing. Later on, the comic characters realize Garfield is in the real world, and Eli blocks the patch in the screen that separates the real world by taping special tape on it, so no one can gain access to the real world (Odie jumps onto the screen trying to get his bone which is on the screen but actually is in the real world, and gets sucked into the real world.).

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