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Episode Title:
Contact Point.
Episode Description:
The ship crash lands in a rural area near the house of a young girl called Tsubasa Misudachi. Soon after, Hajime, Utsutsu and Paiman appear and an alien being emerges from the ship as well, who introduces himself as Gelsadra. Meanwhile, Suguyama and Joe discuss VAPE's recent activity and the recent drop in the population's support of the current CROWDS system, and the troubles it may cause to the Prime Minister's plans for re-election. While gathering at Tsubasa's house, Hajime and the others discuss the meaning of J.J.'s latest prediction, which not only forecasted Gelsadra's arrival, but also warns them that the Gatchamen will have a new member, before the press arrives there to interview them, creating a commotion. In the occasion, J.J. appears before Tsubasa and draws a blue-colored NOTE from her body, making her the newest Gatchaman, and preparations are being made by the election of the new mayor of Tachikawa City, which for the first time will be done via the GALAX network.

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