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After participating in Milhione's talk show with O.D., Tsubasa and Gelsadra are taken to the Gatchamen's base and introduced to the rest of the team. In the occasion, the group discuss the meaning behind J.J. latest prediction and VAPE's intentions, with Rui's opinions regarding the CROWDS system conflicting with Joe and Sugane's. Back at her apartment, Hajime learns from Berg Katze that he was the one who extracted Rizumu's NOTE, curious about how he would react should he snaps. In the next day, the Red CROWDS appear in Shibuya, attacking the population, but the Blue CROWDS prove themselves too weak against them, forcing the Gatchamen to enter the fray. Amidst the battle, Rizumu contacts Rui and demands him to hand over his NOTE, using the lives of the civilians as a leverage against him. Rui complies with his demand, claiming that they can eventually come to an agreement, but Rizumu instead stabs Rui's NOTE, wounding him seriously. Tsubasa, who was sitting out of the fight by O.D.'s instructions, decides to help Rui as well, and rushes to assist him while successfully transforming, eventually reaching his location with Gelsadra's help.

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