Gate Keepers Episode 13 English Dubbed


Watch full Gate Keepers Episode 13 English Dubbed streaming online. Gate Keepers Episode 13 English dub online for free in HD. Defeat the Invader Executives! (Part One). Recovered from the crashed cargo plane are four top secret devices from the Western Branch of A.E.G.I.S. Along with the cargo, the Western branch has decided to send in three Gate Keeper veterans to “help” deal with the rise in Invader activity in Japan. These new members are determined to deal with the current situation without the help of their younger Far-East branch counterparts. While prepping three of the devices for the Western Gate Keepers, the fourth is considered a reject, and not used. Jim Skylark (“Gate of Speed”), Jun Thunders (“Gate of Thunder”), and Misao Sakimori (“Gate of Perception”) go against the reappearance of the Kikai Shogun. Shun, not liking his back-seat role, tries to take matters into his own hands; ultimately allowing the general to make his getaway.

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