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The Ōarai flag tank manages to survive Pravda's attack, resulting in Ooarai's victory. Preparing for the finals match against Kuromorimine, Miho and the Student Council realize that they require additional tanks to offset Kuromorimine's overwhelming advantage in numbers and firepower. They manage to restore the Porsche Tiger tank, which will be given to Nakajima with the Automotive Club, designated as the Leopon Team. They also find a Type 3 Chi-Nu tank, which will be commanded by Nekota with her online friends, composed as the Anteater Team. Later, Miho and her friends attend a flower-arrangement exhibition that Hana is participating in, where they see Hana being praised by her mother for applying concepts she learned from tankery into her artistic style. On the day of the finals, Miho is visited by her former opponents from St. Gloriana, Saunders, and Pravda, who all wish her luck. Miho is also approached by one of her former teammates from Kuromorimine, who thanks her for rescuing her during that fateful match. The finals match then begins, with Kuromorimine quickly attacking in full force and the Ooarai flag tank barely surviving thanks to a fluke defense from the Anteater Team.

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