Glitch Techs Season 2 Episode 10 BITT Prime


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Episode Title:
BITT Prime.
Episode Description:
Returning from a sewer mission, Five and Miko find BITT lagging due to overcrowded memory and managing all of HQ's functions. To prevent Phil from replacing BITT, the duo take him to clear his memory, and find a massive hidden file titled "Coo-Pie-Caken." Unable to delete and mistakenly activating it, the duo track the rogue BITT, leaving Bergy to run Ops and deal with a roaming Fishwakka Glitch spawning. Pursuing assault mode BITT raiding cooking ingredients and unable to contain him, they resort to an E.M.P. Grenade, but instead trigger his "BITT Prime" form that continues his program. When Fishwakka eats Phil's lunch, he neutralizes all spawn copies, then calls Five and Miko for an update...

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