Golden Time Episode 5 English Dubbed


Watch full Golden Time English Dubbed Season 1 Episode 5 full HD online. Cartoon video Golden Time English Dubbed 105 online for free in HD.After finding the photo of him and Linda, Banri runs to the bridge where the accident occurred, but cannot remember more. The spirit of the eighteen-year-old Banri Tada watches him, and explains that the fall caused his eighteen-year-old spirit, and all his memories, to leave his body, and that he cannot be seen or heard by the current Banri. After returning to school, Banri meets Koko, who gives him a mirror that matches hers to commemorate their friendship. The next day, Banri and Mitsuo run into Koko, who begins to act overly cheerful and dramatic about her friendship with Banri. Linda, who is helping Koko register for classes, soon joins them and meets Mitsuo, while later inquiring about Koko and Banri's joining the Festival Club. Koko answers that both of them will join, while Banri wonders why Linda has not mentioned that she knows him from before. At their first dance rehearsal, Koko demonstrates she cannot dance, which causes her to be depressed and cry. After calming down, she apologizes to Banri for her behavior, and confesses that she is still recovering from being dumped by Mitsuo, but he reassures her it is fine, and reaffirms their friendship by using the mirror she gave him. That night, Banri recalls the memory from when he escaped the hospital; he had seen a flashing light from his window, and when he snuck out to see what it was, he discovered it was Linda. As the two talk, she reveals that she was the one who inspired Banri to come to Tokyo. Banri wonders why Linda has not mentioned any of this to him, and the spirit of Banri laments that he cannot tell the current Banri how important Linda was to him.

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