Green Green Episode 12 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Goodbye to Kanenone.
Episode Description:
Confused by the memories of his past life and wary of going against fate, Yuusuke decides it is better for him and Midori to remain separated. Upset by Yuusuke's choice, Midori runs off. Yuusuke goes after her, but seriously injures himself when he saves her from a fall over a cliff. Although the pair are found by the Baka Trio and brought back to Kanenone, bad weather prevents Yuusuke from being transferred to a place with better medical facilities. With Yuusuke's life in the balance, Midori uses her remaining life-force to restore him to health, although she does so at the price of her having to return to her own era. Despite this, she declares her wish to be together again with Yuusuke has come true, as she, through her life-force, will become one with Yuusuke. She and Yuusuke share a final kiss before Reika -- who is revealed to be a messenger of Fate who has been tasked to ensure the lovers remain separated -- takes her back to the 31st century.

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