Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Episode 3 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Are Goblin Pouches Filled with Our Dreams?.
Episode Description:
Early in the morning, Haruhiro notices that Moguzo has a strong passion for cooking, which started before he ended up in Grimgar. Ranta refuses to apologize for supposedly wrecking the wall of the girls' bathhouse, and Yume slaps him for lying. Team Manato spends the next few days in the rain failing to hunt goblins. They are forced to wear the same clothes everyday, washing their laundry each night before bedtime. The next day, Team Manato enters the ruins of Damuro in a building and kills a sleeping goblin, hauling in four silver coins as the reward. After Team Manato explores Damuro and kills more goblins as a unit, they are able to use their earnings to buy more weapons, clothes, and food. At night in their bedrooms, Yume encourages Shihoru to talk to the guys despite her shyness, while Haruhiro is grateful for Manato being the group leader and his friend. Before bedtime, Haruhiro notes the twenty-third day in Grimgar.

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