Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Episode 8 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
In My Memories with You.
Episode Description:
Team Haruhiro resolves to not let any more friends die, before continuing the hunt for more goblins. Having improved on their skills, the party decides to hunt the group of goblins who killed Manato. In the abandoned building, Team Haruhiro has a tough battle against their clever opponents, each of them using their skills to kill the goblins. Haruhiro finds and kills the remaining goblin that previously stole his dagger and shot Mary with a bow and arrow, which brings up haunting memories about Manato. After the party succeeds, they are able to earn enough money to buy their Volunteer Soldier badges. Shihoru tearfully leaves a badge for the fallen Manato at his grave. As it begins to snow, Haruhiro and Mary walk together as he mentions that there are wounds that not even the strongest magic can heal, since she is grieving for the three members of her former party. Mary parts ways from Haruhiro after being satisfied with talking to him about it.

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