Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Episode 9 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
How to Rest.
Episode Description:
Team Haruhiro takes a day off for some rest and relaxation. Haruhiro and Moguzo have bread for breakfast as they discuss how they and the others will spend their day off. Shihoru feeds the doves at the bridge and shows appreciation to Haruhiro for working together as they watch the sunrise. Haruhiro later has tea with Mary on a balcony of a women's apartment complex. Meanwhile, Ranta goes fishing while witnessing Yume rock climbing from a distance. At night in Shelly's Tavern, Kikkawa informs Haruhiro that there has been an increase in goblin population at Damuro. Haruhiro suggests to his group that they should change their hunting grounds to the Cyrene Mine, but they must avoid the savage kobold named Death Spots. A overwhelmed Mary excuses herself outside, and after Haruhiro catches up to her, she explains that her friends had died in that very place. Despite their misgivings and Mary's obvious emotional baggage, they are determined to try it. During a training session with Barbara, Haruhiro asks her about the streaks of light that he has often seen while fighting, which seem to show him how and where to strike.

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