Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan Episode 5 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Sea Defense Force Silvia.
Episode Description:
The origin of Sea Defense Force Private First-Class Silvia Maruyama, where she received her powers, and how she was chosen, thus completing the trinity of Ground, Air and Sea Defense Forces. Kagome gives a private lecture to both the Ground and Air Defense Force's Chiefs of Staff and their granddaughters about the origin of the alien invaders. Two years prior, the female members of the Ground Defense Force established contact with a cute alien, Cosmic Tama-chan, who they protected and took care of. Because of everyone's love of her, several months later, Cosmic Tama-chan laid four eggs. Three of the eggs hatched to become the alien clover badges that gives the girls their new gear while the fourth egg hatched a letter that warned Japan was being targeted for attack by cute aliens. Although they were unable to figure out what the alien's motives were, the Special Defense Forces were created. Later, an alien is detected in the atmosphere. Kagome rushes to summon Rikushiro, but due to circumstances that he refuses to explain, Kagome is left in charge of the mission. The cute alien reveals itself to be a giant, red fish with bulging eyes. This becomes a problem when the alien takes to the ocean where Mao and Misora cannot follow.

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