Hanamaru Youchien Episode 10 English Subbed


Watch full Hanamaru Youchien Episode 10 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Hanamaru Youchien Episode 10 English sub streaming online. A Hanamaru Cheerleading Squad / A Hanamaru Love Confession. Koume's brother came to Hanamaru Kindergarten to keep an eye on her. He absolutely adores his little sister, and goes into a freeze when she is in trouble. He was there because the school field day is fast approaching, and Koume wanted to join the footrace. He is worried she'd end last and cry. Anzu and Hiiragi had an idea: for Koume to practice. Since Tsuchida-sensei cannot fill the part of a coach, they asked Kusano-sensei to be Koume's coach and trainor. On the day of the footrace, a confident Koume was leading the race, but she tripped and fell. Koume stood up to continue the race, earning the admiration of everyone. However, she started crying, so her brother went to the end of the course and called for her. She may have lost the footrace, but her brother gave her a medal for her effort. Hinagiku has her own successes in the obstacle race; while Anzu and Hiiragi finished first and second in the footrace. There her brother praised her for having many wonderful people around her. After the school sports day, the faculty of Hanamaru Kindergarten had a get-together. Much later, at karaoke, the magic of alcohol seemed to have its rather interesting effects on Yamamoto-sensei and Tsuchida-sensei, making them both looser than usual. This led to Tsuchida-sensei confessing to Yamamoto-sensei. However, alcohol also can erase memories, so Tsuchida-sensei had no idea what happened the day before, leaving Tsuchida-sensei to wonder if Yamamoto-sensei remembered what he said because he passed out before he could get a response. The next day he seemed to be out of it. Kusano-sensei advised that he should ask that directly from Yamamoto-sensei. Yamamoto-sensei thought it was a line from their favorite manga, and wished that someone would tell that to her. This led to Tsuchida-sensei thinking that she's just too unperceptive... Because of his frustration, he drank until he was too drunk to go home and sleep in a garbage pile. Anzu and her mom Sakura found him there, and Sakura got frustrated when he started thinking about quitting his job. Meanwhile, both Anzu and Hinagiku knew from Kusano-sensei about Tsuchi's confession to Yamamoto-sensei, much to their shock. However, since there was no response from Yamamoto-sensei yet, they never lost hope.

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