Harley Quinn Episode 12 - Devil's Snare


Watch full Harley Quinn Episode 12 online full HD online. Cartoon video Harley Quinn Episode 12 online for free in HD. Scarecrow starts crop-dusting fear toxin around Gotham's perimeters to force thousands of civilians towards the park with the murderous trees. As Batman tracks him down, the Justice League arrives to stop the trees. They assume Harley's crew is behind the attacks and attempt to send them to the Phantom Zone, but Ivy uses Wonder Woman's lasso to prove them wrong. The League is then trapped in a fairy tale book by the Queen of Fables, who uses a beanstalk to send Harley and her crew to be attacked by a giant. With Kite Man's help, they are able to return to the ground safely. Joker suddenly appears with a large tower and destroys the Legion of Doom's headquarters as he enacts his plans to take over Gotham City and orders the Queen of Fables to kill Harley and her team. Ivy uses the contaminated water to grow into a giant to fight the trees while Harley defeats the Queen of Fables, beheading her in the process. Just as Harley makes amends with Ivy, Joker kills Ivy by shooting a giant flagpole through her chest.

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