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Episode Title:
Harvie Krumpet.
Episode Description:
The story revolves around the life of Harvek Milos Krumpetzki, born in Poland in 1922. As a child, he begins to collect pieces of information he calls "fakts", which are presented throughout the film. At the outbreak of World War II, shortly after his parents' death in a house fire, he migrates to Australia as a refugee, settling in Spotswood, Victoria, and changing his name to Harvie Krumpet. Despite a life filled with bad luck—having Tourette syndrome, being struck by lightning, and losing one of his testicles to cancer—Harvie remains optimistic, living out his own eccentric way of life. In one of the pivotal episodes of his life, Harvie sits in the park next to a statue of Horace while he hears the instructional Carpe diem, which inspires him to make many changes in his life, such as embracing nudism and embarking on daring rescue missions for animal rights. He marries Val, a nurse he meets in hospital, and they adopt a daughter, Ruby, who has deformed limbs due to the effects of thalidomide. After Ruby moves to America and Val dies of a stroke, Harvie develops Alzheimer's disease and is placed in a nursing home. Although he briefly considers suicide, he decides to continue living his life to the fullest. The final "fakt" presented reads: "Life is like a cigarette. Smoke it to the butt".

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