Horrible Histories 2009 Season 4 Episode 11


Watch full Horrible Histories 2009 Season 4 Episode 11 full HD online. Cartoon video Horrible Histories 2009 Episode 48 online for free in HD. Slimy Stuarts: Charles II tries to mediate between Royal Astronomer John Flamsteed and the ravens of the Tower of London. Tobacco is the signature cure-all at Dr Culpepper's Health Spa (advertisement) Nasty Knights: A Crusader has his old crone prepare some disturbing dishes from the latest campaign on "Historical Masterchef". Elsewhere, another returning Crusader's wife is less than impressed by his latest homecoming gifts. Terrible Tudors: The News in Tudor Criminal Slang (with signer for hard of hearing). A spelling bee in the age of non-formalised spelling. Measly Middle Ages: Historical Desktops: King John's concern for his social media status leads him to accidentally sign the Magna Carta. Awful Egyptians: The "Historical Dentist" diagnoses 'mouth-worms' as the cause of a patient's toothache. The results of New! Egyptian 2000 hair dye are best appreciated from a distance (advertisement) Vile Victorians: A suitor's efforts to warn his beloved's father of a fire are hampered by its very impolite location. House-hunting in the slums.

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